Who We Are

The Enos Promise Foundation is a non profit organization setup to give children from underserved rural communities opportunities and resources to live up to their promise and full potential. We aim to inspire, guide and encourage educational activity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a clean, healthy and safe surroundings.

In our effort to level the playing field among the resource-rich haves and the underprivileged, underserved, the Enos Promise Foundation is committed to introducing STEM classrooms in villages around the country and training dedicated teachers. To this end, we have already established the participation of four village basic primary schools in the Central Region:

  1. Ansafona – the pilot school has successfully blossomed with increased class size and experience. They lead the way training new adherents in
  2. Kwaman
  3. Patoako and
  4. Akatakyiwa

The first of many we hope to educate in the important areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our young students are smart, enthusiastic and very engaged in critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. These traits are required to advance in the professional careers of the 21st century. They will help inform choices our students make as they advance in life.

The basic requirements of computers, furniture, access to the internet, learning materials and funding for trained teachers can only be funded with the assistance of donors like you. Please give generously of your time, knowledge, resources and monetary contribution.

The measure of our success is in the lives we impact. When we help students achieve, we build a stronger society overall. Equitable access to high-quality, nontoxic environments, plus even-handed opportunities are a must for our rural communities. With your help, we will provide inspired hope for many students and their families for a long time.